Friday, March 4, 2016

What if?

I was looking on Facebook the other day and reading about the problems of getting permission to build the Keystone pipeline so we can buy our own oil instead of buying it from some Middle Eastern country. This woman made a comment if there is an oil leak it will pollute our wildlife. Okay, here is where that small word with a big meaning comes into play. IF there is nothing to help the economy what happens to the country? What about the people that thought of every means of transportation did they worry IF an airplane could crash and kill everyone aboard?

Or IF they thought about people getting hit or killed with all those cars trucks, bicycles, motorcycles or even boats IF they sprung a leak? What about electricity? IF there is ever a short it could start a fire.

What IF troops were to be sent somewhere to keep peace and what IF they get shot at? They could be killed so we better not send them. Lady, when you have to start scrounging because our dollar will not be worth much, I bet you would be one of the first to say "what IF we had just built that pipeline and created those jobs and that revenue for our country?"

As it is now, this government is giving billions to foreign countries and here we can’t even lay pipeline to buy our own oil. I guess we'd rather just buy it from foreign countries. Do people like you think like our prime minister when he stated that the economy would take care of itself? I have news for you: in order for the economy to grow, there has to be something to help it along. IF you think that your IFs will help it, good luck - go and join the Liberals.

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