Saturday, May 16, 2015

Solution to Americas problems

Here is what my solution would be if I was the President of the USA. The way I see it much of the world's current problems are caused by the believers of Sharia law. People are tortured and killed because some radicals have turned this supposed religion of peace into a religion of death with their radical beliefs of dying as martyrs in order to appease their god of which they call Allah.

Their beliefs are their belief and those beliefs were ingrained in their brain from the day they were born. Now being adults they have turned into killers and torturers and destroyers of anything that would represent what was created by a true God of peace and love. Nothing will erase those beliefs from their brain except death as martyrs for the beliefs of what some radicals believe they have read in the writings of the Quran.

My solution is very simple. Deport all Muslims that follow Sharia law and won’t abide by the laws of the country to which they immigrated. Then refuse all and any Muslims that want to emigrate from any country that believes in this Sharia law. There is no democracy in this type of law, therefore they do not belong in any country that stands for democracy. Next, stop all aid to those countries and stay out of their politics. Those people that would follow that law they would never convert to democracy. I find that it’s a loss financially and of time trying to bribe them to change their beliefs. I know a lot of Muslims and I also know that most of them would be killed if caught by the ones with real belief in their law of Sharia.

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