Monday, March 30, 2015

A self-appointed King

After this self-appointed king of the USA had been elected, I got interested in keeping up with more of the news in the USA politically. It was just to see what his outlook and ways to govern a country like the USA. Now after years of watching, all I can say is that this self-appointed King is a big dud. I can grant you that he’s such a good speaker that he could convince most people to believe that 2+2=5. My proof of that is the fact that the people that elected him as president. Twice.

His party is called Democrats. But after seeing how he has governed like he was a king, answering to no one, he should rename his party the liberal-socialist party of America. Here in Canada some parties also hide what they are. They called themselves Liberals but forgot to add socialist to their party name because they espouse socialism in so many things. The party called NDP also should be called the NDP-Socialist Party of Canada. They are more openly socialist in their policies, but they hide what they are in their name - the New Democrat Party. Socialism is not democracy.

NDP are all for unions, and wage parity. The Liberals all for emptying the wallets of citizens. Conservatives I haven’t made my mind up on yet. All I can say from what I’ve already stated is that all these groups are not too keen on free speech and freedom of the citizens.

Meanwhile in the USA the self-appointed King of the USA is also not too keen on the Constitution either because it seems that some of the things that are in the Constitution interfere with his making of his own laws. Luckily he has a telephone a pen to help him out. I think this man would be at a loss without the telephone and pen.

That's my rant for today.

Have a good day

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